Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “When We Left Cuba” by Chanel Cleeton, Berkley Books, April 9, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_3e30Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “When We Left Cuba” by Chanel Cleeton, Berkley Publishing, April 9, 2019

Chanel Cleeton , Author of “When We Left Cuba” has written an intense, captivating, enthralling, riveting, emotional, page-turning, and thought-provoking novel. I loved everything about Chanel Cleeton’s novel. The Genres for this Novel are Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, and Suspense. The time-line for this story is from the Cuban Revolution , the Cold War, the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy’s election and so much more.  I appreciate the historical details and research the author has done to provide such an intoxicating background and part of the story. Chanel Cleeton describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, complicated and dramatic. This novel would make a wonderful screen play, movie or series. I also appreciate Chanel Cleeton’s vivid description of the characters and landscape.

After the Cuban Revolution, the Perez family is forced to come to America. The family is trying to regain the loss of their sugar empire they had in Cuba.Beatriz Perez especially feels the loss of her country, , her friends, and the death of her brother. Beatriz has blamed the old regime, and now holds Fidel Castro responsible. The CIA wants Beatriz to infiltrate Castro’s regime. Beatriz’s strong-willed mother wants her to get married.

Beatriz faces danger and death if she pursues her revenge. What will she decide to do? There are betrayals, espionage, and spies as the Cold War intensifies. Also the Perez family is slowly adjusting to  the American way of life. Is there any way the problems of the past can be worked out so Beatriz can live safely  in the present?

I love that Beatriz is a strong-willed, brave and resourceful woman who tries to own her decisions. I highly recommend this unpredictable and suspenseful novel to those readers who love Historical Fiction. I received an ARC. Happy Reading!

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