Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Pickle’s Progress” by Marcia Butler

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fullsizeoutput_3e62Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Pickles’s Progress” by Marcia Butler, Central Avenue Publishing, April 9, 2019

Marcia Butler, Author of “Pickle’s Progress” has written an unusual, unique perspective about life and love. The Genres of “Pickle’s Progress” are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Dry Wit, and some Satire.  The story takes place  mostly in the New York and surrounding areas. The author describes the four characters as complicated, complex, unlikable at times, dysfunctional, quirky, and strange. My favorite character is the dog.(the fifth character if that counts)

The characters are two identical twin brothers,  Pickles and Stan and Stan’s wife and a young woman who has had a tragic loss.  Stan and his wife are living in their part of a Brownstone house, that they purchased with Pickles. The grieving woman is living in Stan’s finished basement. Pickles want to have his part of the house finished so he can move in.  The interaction between all of the characters is almost like a game of chess in certain ways.  There are betrayals, unpredictable actions, and a twisted plot.

The ending is a big surprise! I appreciate that Marcia Butler has written a thought-provoking unique story about love and life . I would recommend this book for those readers who enjoy an unusual novel that leaves you thinking.



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