Linda’s Book Obsession Review “Summer at the Lakeside Resort” by Susan Schild

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image_577558382644085Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Summer at the Lakeside Resort” by Susan Schild, Longleaf Press, May 15, 2019

Susan Schild Author of “Summer at the Lakeside Resort” has written an entertaining, and delightful novel. The Genres for this book are Fiction and Romance. Of course, I love the two big teddy-bear like dogs and the miniature pony that are part of the story. The author describes her characters as average people with problems, and likable. The story takes place back on Heron Lake, where Jenny Becket has her cabins. I appreciate the way the author describes the blue lake and wonderful grounds. This is the second book in the series, but can be read alone.

Jenny Becket is still adapting to her new business with the rental guest cabins. She is financially insecure and questions future needs. Right now as the summer approaches, Jenny would like to put a boat and other water equipment on the agenda. She and her friend Charlotte are trying to come up with ideas to get more people to visit. Jenny’s friend Luke, had to leave town on business for a few weeks and she misses him.

It certainly appears that at Lake Heron, this summer will have unpredictable events happen. This is a wonderful book about trust, second chances, family, friends, love and hope. I would highly recommend this book for those readers that enjoy an easy read with a happy ending.


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