Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Last Summer” by Kerry Lonsdale, Lake Union Publishing, July 2019

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Last Summer” by @Kerry Lonsdale, Lake Union Publishing, July 2019

Kerry Lonsdale, “Last Summer” has written an intense, intriguing, and captivating novel. The Genres for this Novel are Fiction, Suspense, Psychological Thriller, and Romance.  The timeline for this story is mostly in the present and goes back to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. There are twists and turns, betrayals and lies. The author describes her characters as complex and complicated.

Is there anything at all in your life you would willingly forget if you could? Ella Skye is a journalist, who seems to have selective memory loss. Ella remembers her husband Damien, but she can’t remember significant and important things after her accident. Ella tries to solve this mystery by herself, and she has no idea what will change lives forever. I would recommend this page-turning novel for readers who enjoy a thought-provoking, and intense novel.

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