Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Legacy and the Queen” Created by Kobe Bryant and Written by Annie Matthew,Granity Studios, September 3, 2019

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DHvENpnARricyfwbrXaY7wLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Legacy and the Queen”  Created by Kobe Bryant, Written by Annie Matthew, Granity Studios, September 3, 2019

Kobe Bryant and Annie Matthew, Authors of “Legacy and the Queen” have written a unique, entertaining, intense, magical, captivating story. I love everything about this book. The cover has a velvet feel with the gold imprinted letters and design. When I open the book, I am reminded of many classics and fairy tales that I have read. The Authors have written and vividly described a coming of age novel with a certain essence of magical feel.  This story does remind me of “The Hunger Games” in a slight way.  I read this in one sitting and was totally mesmerized by the story. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Magical Realism, and Fantasy. The authors describe the colorful and dramatic characters as complex, and complicated. There are also comparisons and contrasts to good and evil, rich and poor, and kind and mean-spirited.

Legacy lives in an orphanage with her father and homeless children. She takes care of the little ones, and more than anything loves to play tennis. Legacy reads to the children and confides in her best friend Van. Van religiously reads the town’s paper and sees that there is a contest for tennis players. If Legacy wins, this could mean that all her father’s financial worries would be over, and the orphanage would thrive. Legacy knows that her father wouldn’t give permission so she is determined to go and see if she can win.

When Legacy does reach the castle, there are many obstacles in her way.  Legacy is treated as an outcast, and it is hard for her to fit in. I admire Legacy’s strong will, determination, and kindness.  I would highly recommend this novel to older children, young adults, and adults of every age. The authors discuss the importance of family, friends, believing in yourself, emotional support, fairness, love, and hope. I find the magical words in this story inspiring.




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