Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Paris Orphan” By Natasha Lester, September 3, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_4679Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Paris Orphan” by Natasha Lester by September 3, 2019

Natasha Lester, author of “The Paris Orphan” has written a captivating, intense, intriguing,dramatic.emotional, and powerful novel. There are two timelines in this novel. One is around 1942, and the other is in France in 2005. Both stories and timelines do connect and like pieces of a puzzle connect. The Genre for this story is Historical Fiction. The themes in this story center around World War Two, and the tragedy and turmoil, dark secrets, discrimination, danger, and betrayals. The author discusses the importance of communication, family, friends, love, hope, peace and equality. Natasha Lester describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated, possibly due to the circumstances of the times.  The author vividly writes and describes the characters, landscape, locations, and their emotional feelings.

American model/photographer Jessica May arrives in Europe around 1942, to take pictures and write about the war in Europe. Many of the soldiers give her a difficult time, and she is lucky to meet a few friends. Jessica does make friends with Captain Dan Hallworth who does try to accommodate her needs. Besides being in charge of a large number of men, Captain Hallworth has rescued and is providing care for an orphan named Victorine.

In 2005, D’Arcy Hallworth is offered the opportunity of packing up and assessing the photographs that were done during the war by an artist that prefers to keep their name secretive. These pictures are extremely artistic and show life and death.  Little does D’Arcy know how her life will change forever.

I highly recommend this book for readers who appreciate Historical Fiction. I had trouble putting this book down.

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