Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “EPOCA: The Tree of Ecrof” Created by Kobe Bryant and Written by Ivy Claire, Granity Sudios, November 12, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_4687image_327eeee8-ef01-407e-90a3-4b17a4fbfa46.img_9855Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “EPOCA: The Tree of Ecroff” Created by Kobe Bryant, Written by Ivy Claire, Granity Studios, November 12, 2019

“EPOCA: The tree of Ecrof” Created by Kobe Bryant, and Written by Ivy Claire is a magical, mesmerizing, captivating, entertaining, suspenseful and intense novel full of adventure. The Genres for this Book are Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Sports, Fiction, and Suspense.  This is a coming of age novel. From Goodreads, “comes a tale of finding your strength against all odds.”  This is also a tale of good vs. evil and wealth vs. poverty.  The dramatic characters in this story are creative, complex, complicated and competitive. The story takes place in a time where there are castles, palaces, Queens, Kings, Princesses, and Princes. The themes of this story are also sports and “grana”. “Grana” is a magical power that each child and adult is supposed to have to succeed. This is a late middle school to adult novel. While I was reading this, I was thinking of “The Hunger Games”.

Princess Pretia has had every advantage that one can possibly have. Pretia’s parents are King and Queen from two different Kingdoms. One is a Dreamer and One is a Thinker. Now they rule together. Pretia will become Queen of the Land if she can find her special super strength or “Grana”. After her tenth birthday, she will be sent to a special island to compete and learn skills for sports.

Rovi, is now an orphan, due to complicated circumstances. He has lived in poverty and has learned to steal to survive. Rovi can run extremely fast, and he winds up being chosen to have a chance to go to this school and the land of magic and sports.

There are twists and turns, danger and some evil and strange occurrences at the school. I highly recommend this intense, engaging, suspenseful and magical story.




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