Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Art of Theft” by Sherry Thomas, Berkley Publishing, Oct. 15, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_481bLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Art of Theft” by Sherry Thomas, Berkley Publishing, Oct. 15,2019.

Sherry Thomas, author of “The Art of Theft” has written a unique and entertaining Victorian Historical Mystery.  This is a take on “Sherlock Holmes” with Charlotte Holmes acting in the feminine version, with her sister and her friends, Mrs. Watson, Lord Ingram, and Stephen Marbleton, who seems to be hiding from an enemy.. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated.

Mrs. Watson has a dignified royal friend who seeks Sherlock Holmes help, not realizing that Charlotte is the one that is very intuitive. Mrs. Watson’s friend needs important certain secret papers back and decides to let Charlotte and friends help her. This involves possibly stealing Art or other items that might be hiding these papers during a reception at a fancy mansion. There are twists and turns, secrets, betrayals, blackmail, and threats of murder. Charlotte and her crew are entering at their own risk and danger. It seems there are other interested parties who want this painting and information as well.

There are other books in this series, and truthfully, I was somewhat confused at the beginning of the book about the relationships involved. I did feel a loss and was a little confused at the beginning of the story. I had no idea when I chose this book to read that it was part of a continuing series. I would say that reading the other books would be beneficial. After finishing the story, I would go back and read the other books. Fortunately the  mystery and suspense does get better, and I enjoyed the conclusion of the story. I would recommend this take on “Sherlock Holmes” for readers who enjoy historical mysteries.


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