Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Whispers of War” by Julia Kelly. Gallery Books, January 2020

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579CE7A7-95B9-46E8-A9AC-FFA984DF19D8_1_201_aLindas Book Obsession Review “The Whispers of War” by Julia Kelly, Gallery Books, January 2020

Julia Kelly, Author of “The Whispers of War has written a captivating and intense Historical Fiction novel. The Genres for this novel are Historical Fiction and Romance. The timeline for this story is set around 1939 when it looks like England will be entering a war with Germany. The story goes to the past, or future when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes her characters as loyal, courageous and brave. Other characters are complex and complicated.

I love the way Julia Kelly writes and describes her characters, the landscape and the political climate of England. The themes for this story are friendship and the importance of sisterhood, especially during Wartime. Nora, Hazel and Marie are close friends. All of them have been in school together in England.  Now as adults, they are as close as ever.

As Britain contemplates another tragic and devastating war with Germany, the girls are facing a heartbreaking problem. Marie was born in Germany and lives with her Aunt and Uncle in England. She has papers to prove that she has the right to be in England, but everything changes. The Germans living and working in England are grouped by letters and called up for internment. Will Marie have to go live in an internment camp? Mary is declared to be an enemy because she is German. How is it possible for her friends to help her?

I appreciate that Julia Kelly discusses the internment camps in England, that hold German people, many who are citizens. It reminds me of the German and Japanese people that lived in the United States that went to Internment camps. It also raises the questions of immigrants being sent to camps today.

I would highly recommend this Historical Fiction novel for those readers who appreciate reading about World War II. This is quite a thought-provoking novel.

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