Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Third to Die” by Allison Brennan, MIRA, Feb. 4, 2020

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C7D8F117-8710-47F0-BA41-707466EFD67A_1_201_aLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Third to Die” by Allison Brennan, MIRA, February 4, 2020

Allison Brennan, author of “The Third to Die”  has written a chilling, suspenseful, intense, intriguing and captivating novel. The Genres for this novel are Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, and Fiction, with a touch of Romance. The author’s timeline for the story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The story takes place in a small town called Liberty Lake. The Author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated.

Kara Quinn is an undercover detective from the LAPD, on a “forced vacation” in her hometime of Liberty Lake when she is staying with her grandmother. Kara is very intense and anxious and goes running, where she finds a murdered body. Now Kara is a witness, but also finds herself getting involved with the Police and FBI investigation going on.

Mathias Costa is a specialized FBI agent with a Mobile Unit and is selecting people to work on it. He, of course, is involved with the case. After speaking to a profiler, Costa and the police are aware that this murder in Liberty Lake fits the profile of a serial killer called “Triple Killer”. What is known is that the killer is somewhere close and will be killing again. Who is this killer?

Kara has had her run-ins with the FBI before and is looking forward to going back with the LAPD. Little does Kara realize what danger is waiting in store for her. This is a chilling thriller, with intense suspense, that had me at the edge of my seat, and page-turning. I would recommend this fast-moving and riveting novel for those readers who enjoy a great thriller.


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