Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Last of the Moon Girls” by Barbara Davis, Lake Union Publishing, August 1, 2020

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7C0F0A37-CA5C-4FFA-ABA2-5CCF5A4F2979Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Last of the Moon Girls” by Barbara Davis, Lake Union Publishing, August 1, 2020.

Barbara Davis, author of “The Last of the Moon Girls” has written a unique, captivating, intriguing and compelling novel. The Genres for this novel are Fiction and Magical Realism, Mystery and Suspense. The timeline for this story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes her characters as complicated and complex.

Lizzy Moon has just had a great promotion at her job in the city when she gets a message that her Grandmother Althea has passed away. Lizzy being the last Moon daughter also will inherit the Moon Girl Farm. The last thing Lizzy wants is anything to do with the Moon Girl Farm.  Years earlier, two girls had been murdered and Althea Moon was found innocent, but nevertheless blamed by the local community. The Moon women and their daughters were regarded as witches by some people, who were afraid of the herbal medicines and quirky traditions.

The grounds of the farm, as well as the house, and shed need lots of work. If Lizzy wants to sell the land, she will have to fix everything.  When Lizzy arrives at the Moon Girl Farm, she sees that a friend of Althea is living there, and also sees that their next-door neighbor Andrew is trying to fix some of the things on her property.

Althea has left Lizzy a special book from each of the Moon girls through history, and a separate book just for Lizzy. Andrew is attracted to Lizzy and the “light” that seems to emanate from her. Lizzy is determined to clear her grandmother’s name, never realizing the threats and danger she is putting herself in.

I appreciate that the author discusses the importance of being yourself, and doing what makes your life better. Also mentioned is learning to forgive, giving second chances, believing in yourself, the importance of family, friends, love , hope, and making your own magic. I highly recommend this thought-provoking book.

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