Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews Dr.Judy Ho’s New Podcast “Supercharged Life With Dr. Judy Ho. Episode 2: Guest Paula Abdul

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I am thrilled to listen to “Supercharged Life with Dr. Judy” with special guest Paula Abdul for @Suzy Approved Book Tours.

It was wonderful to hear Paula explain how she learned to negotiate, and not always accept NO. She was tenacious and believed in herself and takes chances. I also appreciated the positive feedback that Dr. Judy Ho would provide when Paula would tell some of her stories.

Paula mentioned several times that she was a “teacher”, and I especially liked it when Paula was Judge on American Idol that she was always positive, even if someone didn’t win. She was ready to be helpful and provide suggestions and help.

What I found so impressive is that Paula had certain goals, and managed to achieve them, by working hard, and having belief in herself. She was resourceful and found ways to accomplish many of her goals.

I would certainly recommend this Podcast to others!




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