Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “This Is How I Lied” by Heather Gudenkauf, Park Row, May 12, 2020

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E23B72E6-B650-4653-B6DD-D83E36DE04D6Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “This Is How I Lied” by Heather Gudenkauf, Park Row, May 12, 2020

WOW! Heather Gudenkauf, author of “This Is How I Lied” has written an intriguing, captivating, intense, and suspenseful novel. The genres for this novel are Psychological Thriller, Mystery and Suspense, and Fiction. The timelines for this story are in the present and twenty-five years in the past. The author describes the characters as complex, complicated, and each could be a suspect.

Maggie, a very pregnant Police Officer, has the task of dealing with a 25-year-old cold murder case being opened after new evidence is found. This case involved the murder of her best friend Eve so many years before. Maggie and Eve’s unstable sister Nola discovered the body. Maggie has to relive the torturous and terrifying memories from so long ago.As Maggie revisits the various characters, she finds herself deeper into the secrets and betrayals of the town.

I love the way that Heather Gudenkauf vividly describes the scene of the crime and all the possible suspects. The author weaves her web and draws us in. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. There are a few OMG moments! I would highly recommend this suspenseful thriller.


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