Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Sister Dear” by Hannah Mary McKinnon, MIRA, May 26, 2020

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5C94802D-A57C-4257-95EF-EDBE9FE0C803Linda’ Book Obsession Reviews “Sister Dear” by Hannah Mary McKinnon, MIRA, May 26, 2020

Hannah Mary McKinnon, author of “Sister Dear” has written an intriguing, intense, edgy, and suspenseful novel. The genres for this novel are thriller, mystery, suspense, and fiction. The timeline is set in the author’s present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters and events. The author describes her characters as flawed, dysfunctional, complex, and complicated. There are betrayals, stalking, and deep secrets and lies that affect the characters.

Eleanor Hardwicke finds out at the hospice, just before her beloved father dies, that he is not her biological father. Eleanor has an estranged and dysfunctional relationship with the mother and her sister. Her mother has always favored the sister over Eleanor.

Eleanor does find out her biological father’s name and realizes that he has a daughter, Victoria, her age. Eleanor sees that Victoria is married, wealthy, and beautiful, and Eleanor knows what she wants. ¬†Eleanor becomes obsessed with her new family, especially her sister.

There is an OMG ending that I didn’t see coming, and totally was shocked! WOW!!! I would love to see Hannah Mary McKinnon write a sequel if possible. I would highly recommend reading this chilling thriller.


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