Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Pleasure Plan” by Laura Zam, Simon & Schuster, May 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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723CA0B0-007B-4E01-B1F1-73DB83A4F303Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Pleasure Plan One Woman’s Search for Sexual Healing” by Laura Zam, Simon & Schuster, May 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Laura Zam, author of her autobiography and memoir of “The Pleasure Plan, One Woman’s Search for Sexual Healing” has done extensive research, and spares no expense in getting the answers that she searches for in her “sexual healing”. The genres for this book are autobiography, memoir, non-fiction, and self-help. Her husband is on board and offers emotional and physical support.

Laura Zam has married her true love a little later in life, and always questioned her pain and unhappiness in the bedroom.  Laura visited gynecologists, physical therapists, sexual therapists, emotional therapists, and so many more, to research how things could be better for her.

I appreciate Laura’s candid and honest approach to what is going on. Laura does write and journal everything, and also suggests that readers keep a log and answer certain questions of how they feel and respond. There are resources that are mentioned.

Laura also discusses how sexual abuse at an early age, could have played a traumatic part in her reaction to her sexual pleasure. Laura also had spent an excessive amount of money on lingerie and other things. Some of these visits for her private research were expensive.

“The Pleasure Plan” is based on essays that Laura Zam wrote, and an Off-Broadway Production about this. I would recommend this book for those readers who appreciate self-help advice.

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