Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “While The Music Played” by Nathaniel Lande, Blackstone Press, May 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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319CFD9E-5ED2-441F-9ED3-95AA4B047C9FLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “While the Music Played A Remarkable Story of Courage and Friendship in WWII” by Nathaniel Lande, Blackstone Press, May 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Kudos to Nathaniel Lande, author of “While The Music Played” for writing such a poignant, unforgettable, heartbreaking, and emotional book. The genre for this novel is Historical Fiction, and this is ” A Remarkable Story of Courage and Friendship in WWII.”(cover) The timeline for this story is just before World War Two in 1939 Praque, and then during the war. This is a coming of age book during a tragic and devastating time in history.  The author describes many of his characters as courageous, brave, and talented. There are characters that are also very evil. Some of the described settings are in Concentration Camps.

I appreciate that Nathaniel Lande vividly describes his characters and events, and the influence of music and art during this time. The music and art live long after the characters are gone, but not forgotten. The Arts provide historical documentation of sorts. There is clearly a tremendous amount of research that has been done in preparation for this book.

Max Mueller is almost a teenager,  has a distinct ear for piano tuning, and has a desire to be a newspaper reporter. His father Viktor Mueller is a renowned conductor. Many of Max’s friends are Jewish. As Nazism spreads, and Max’s father is sent into the German Army, Max becomes conflicted and confused. His father’s friend, Hans Krasa, a famous Czech composer and influences some of what Max is thinking. Max doesn’t understand the discrimination, antisemitism, and hatred that surrounds him. Music is one thing that seems to keep Max grounded. As the German Nazi’s take over, Max has to deal with deceit, destruction, damage, and grief.

I would recommend this heartbreaking novel to those readers who read Historical Fiction and appreciate a thought-provoking book. Be sure to have some Kleenex on hand.




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