Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop” by Roselle Lim, Berkley Publishing, August 2020

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6B763157-F557-4C58-8871-D2F13DB1473CLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Vaness Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop” by Roselle Lim, Berkley, August 2020

Roselle Lim, the author of “Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop” has written an entertaining, delightful, witty, intriguing, magical, and enthralling novel. The genres for the story are fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, and Magical Realism. The timeline for the story is set in the present and only goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The story takes place in Paris, and talks of California. The author describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, and complicated. The themes within the story are finding your path or destiny, finding oneself, and love. The author discusses the importance of family, love, and hope.

Vanessa Yu has had a special talent since she was 3 years old. She is able to predict some events for other people while studying the tea leaves. Make no doubt about this, Vanessa doesn’t like the ability to see what will happen for people and doesn’t know how to control when this will happen. As she gets older, she gets headaches if  she sees a glimmer of unfortunate news. The only other person in Vanessa’s family with this ability is her Aunt Evelyn, who is going to Paris and opening a tea room. Vanessa really doesn’t want to be a fortune teller.

The Yu family is very close, and they are determined to find a husband for Vanessa, who works as an accountant. They call in the best fortune teller of matchmaking that money can buy, and the matchmaker is perplexed why Vanessa doesn’t show a red thread for love.

Vanessa is now determined to go to Paris for a while and learn from Aunt Evelyn how to deal with her fortune-telling power. Another one of Vanessa’s special talents is finding love matches for others. Will Vanessa ever find her own true love? I  recommend this amusing and entertaining novel for other readers to enjoy!




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