Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Once Again” by Catherine Wallace Hope, Alcove Press, October, 2020, for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Once Again” by Catherine Wallace Hope, Alcove Press, October 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

WOW!!! Catherine Wallace Hope, the author of “Once Again” has written an intriguing, captivating, suspenseful and edgy novel. The genres are Science Fiction and Time Travel. The timeline for this story is mostly set in 2020, or 2021 and goes back to the past when it pertains to the characters or events, or black holes, waves, or white holes in time travel. The author describes her dramatic cast of characters as complex, and complicated.

Erin Fullerton seems likes an empty shell of herself after a tragedy. Erin’s husband Zac immerses himself in his work as an astrophysicist . Erin’s therapist has advised her to put a timeframe to mark the milestones for the event. It is the 500th day since the loss of their young daughter Korrie. It is also a significant day for Zac in his work, where he predicts something phenomenal will happen.

Erin constantly replays and ruminates about the day that she lost her daughter Korrie. She wonders on this summer day 500 days later what she could have done differently. In a flash, it is now winter, and snowing, and the phone is ringing from the school Korrie was in.

There are twists and turns, unpredictable changes and phenomenal action. This gives me the feel of the movies “Back to the Future”, where in some scenes you just have to get it right, or else. It also has the ‘taste” of Groundhog’s Day. I would highly recommend this page-turning novel to readers.

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