Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past”by Traci Wilton, 2020

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past” by Traci Wilton, September 2020

Traci Wilton , the authors of “Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past” have written an entertaining, and enjoyable cozy mystery novel. The genres for this story are cozy mystery, mystery and suspense, and fiction. The timeline for this story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the events and characters. The authors have described the characters as questionable, suspect, complex and complicated. Some are quirky and flawed but likable.

This is the third book in the series, and can be read as a stand-alone. Charlene Morris owns a bed and breakfast, and makes it as warm and cozy as she can, except she has one cool ghost resident Jack. When Charlene’s parents come to visit, I love how Jack shows his ghostly talents when she is annoying. Jack also seems to enjoy fooling around with the cat.

David Baldwin, one of the town’s resident, who has won a fortune in the lottery, seems to meet with foul play after he mysteriously leaves the restaurant that he partially owns. Many of the town residents have reason to have wanted their hands on David’s fortune, and it seems that Carlene can’t resist a suspenseful mystery, with danger and intrigue.

This is a perfect “Who Done It”, and a wonderful escape read, that I would highly recommend.

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