Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Little Sister : A Memoir” by Patricia Walsh Chadwick, Post Hill Press, 2019

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Little Sister: A Memoir” by Patricia Walsh Chadwick, Post Hill Press, 2019.

Kudos to Patricia Walsh Chadwick, the author of “Little Sister A Memoir” for writing such a poignant, memorable, and thought-provoking book about her life. The author is certainly a resilient, brave, forgiving and resourceful person. The author never really refers to her experience as living in a cult or religious sect, but it is certainly reads like that and much more.

What astounds me, is that Patricia Walsh Chadwick’s parents and other people that joined this Catholic sect were college educated and extremely intelligent. As this division of Catholicism broke off and away from the main Church by Leonard Feeney, a controversial and excommunicated priest, and started, strange rules were set. Young children were removed from their parents, and didn’t live with them. The parents were encouraged to renounce their marriages. Radios, televisions and newspapers weren’t allowed. Children could be punished harshly for laughing or talking.

The author often writes about her ambivalent feelings in becoming a Nun. When the choice is out of her hands, and she is asked to leave, she is terrified. I would highly recommend this amazing memoir.

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