Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Sunflower Sisters” :A Novel (Woolley-Ferriday) by Martha Hall Kelly,Ballantine Books, March 30,2021 On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Sunflower Sisters” by Martha Hall Kelly, Ballantine Books, March 30, 2021. On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

WOW! I loved everything about “Sunflower Sisters” by Martha Hall Kelly! I had trouble putting this remarkable, memorable, intriguing, and captivating novel down. This is the third book in the series of the Woolley- Ferriday Family. The genres for this novel are historical fiction, sister’s fiction, and literary fiction. The timeline for this story is set during the Civil War. I love the way the author vividly describes the characters, the scenes from the North and the South, the events, and landscape. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated. Some characters are courageous and brave. Some characters are mean-spirited and evil. This is a terrible war pitting brothers and sisters against one another. Some people went to extremes to get what they wanted. Slavery was a big issue, and the author takes us on a journey to see what happens to many of those who are slaves and their families.

Martha Hall Kelly takes us back in time to the Woollsey family, and shows us how they are abolitionists and want freedom for all slaves. The sisters work together, and two of them are nurses taking care of the wounded soldiers.

The author also introduces us to Jemma and Patience, sisters that are slaves and separated and the toll that it takes on their family.

Kudos to Martha Hall Kelly for the hours of research that had to go into making this novel so wonderful. I would highly recommend this thought-provoking and memorable book for all readers.

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