Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Eat Your Words” by Isabel Chiara, Wyrd & Wyld Publishing, March 29,2021 On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Eat Your Words” by Isabel Chiara, March 29,2021. On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

Isabel Chiara, the author of “Eat Your Words” has written a unique, and thought-provoking self-help book. The author has studied a various number of methods, courses, and taken classes in understanding eating disorders and body image. The genres for this book are nonfiction, eating disorders and self help and body image. Through her “muse” Giana Giovanni, the author tries to relate to the reader, and let them know she has been “there ” too.

“Giana Giovanni” is Italian and describes her mother’s voyage to America, and how selfless and courageous she was to be able to save the family’s farm by sending money back home to America. She admires her mother’s strength, and when her mother marries, her mother and father create many successful restaurants, and become financially comfortable. Being the elder daughter, many of the responsibilities fall on Giana’s shoulders.

Giana struggles with food and body image for years. Her coping mechanisms are often, “I don’t care.” Her parents often put much pressure and Giana is sensitive to lack of praise.

Often Giana uses the size of her clothing to show her success. Also as Giana matures, she takes courses, learns about gems and herbs, and coping strategies. Giana is most comfortable in her Connecticut home. She seeks many answers and travels and reads. This is an intriguing book with wit, that I recommend to other readers.

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