Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “A House Full of Windsor” by Kristin Contino, Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, July 13,2021 On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “A House Full of Windsor” by Kristin Contino, July 2021. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours.

Kristin Contino, the author of “A House Full of Windsor” has written an intriguing, captivating and heartfelt novel. The genres for this novel are Literary Fiction, domestic fiction and historical fiction. There is also some historical fiction. The timeline for this story starts in the 1980s and goes to the present. The story is set in both England and America. The author describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex, complicated, flawed, and dysfunctional. I appreciate that the author discusses important issues as problems of hoarding, obsessions, communication, therapy, second chances, and forgiving. Also the author mentions the importance of family, friends, love and hope.

Sarah Percy is both English and American, and currently has a show in New York that is called “Sarah Says”. Unfortunately the ratings are down, and Sarah is also stressed and about to go with her twin sister and brother to help with their Mother’s problem.

Sarah’s mother Debbie is a compulsive shopper, and hoarder. Debbie has always been fascinated with the Royal family, especially Charles and Diana. Now single, Debbie’s married relationship mirrored Charles and Diana’s in many ways. Her house is a tribute to many of the souvenirs that she acquired in England, before she moved back to America.

Will, the brother is doing a reality show on Hoarding, and who better than to showcase, than his mother. Not only will it help Will, but Debbie will be able to clean out her house and get the help that she needs. Will would also like Sarah to be involved because of the show she is currently on. He just needs both his mother and sisters to agree.

If this show, “Stuff”, is a success, it can either cause more problems for the family, or better solutions. I enjoyed this memorable, thought-provoking story and highly recommend this to others.

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