Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Grace Among Thieves” A Grace Michelle Mystery by Kari Bovee, Bosque Publishing, 2022. On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Grace Among Thieves” by Kari Bovee, (Grace Michelle Mystery) 2022, Bosque Publishing, On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

Kari Bovee, Author of “Grace Among Thieves” (A Grace Michelle Mystery) has written the third novel in the Grace Michelle Mystery Series. Although it would be beneficial to read the other books, “Grace Among Things” can be a stand-alone. The genres for this novel are mystery, suspense and fiction. The timeline for this story is around 1924. This is a captivating and intriguing novel.

The author describes her characters as complex and intriguing. Grace, the protagonist is resourceful, creative, and ambitious. She is a head costumer for a movie studio, and has helped her husband by being an unlicensed detective with a great intuition or a little help from above. Grace carries memories of her deceased sister in her heart and memory. The couple owns a ranch and provide room and guidance for children with problems.

There are betrayals, twists and turns, threats, revenge, kidnapping and murder. There are Russian people that want a special package and will do anything that is necessary to get it. Grace and the people closest to her are in grave danger. I would recommend this intense novel.

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