Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “In Her Defense” (Riverside Law Club #1) by Amy Impellizzeri, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, May 2022

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “In Her Defense” (Riverside Law Club #1) by Amy Impellizzeri, May, 2022

Wow!! Amy Impellizzeri, the author of “In Her Defense” (Riverside Law Club #1) has written a captivating, intense, and intriguing novel. This is the first in a “new legal drama”, and I certainly am looking forward to the next novel, and I would highly recommend this challenging drama. The genre for this book is Legal Thriller. What an amazing adventure and ride!! There are betrayals, danger, lies, secrets, murder/s, that had me biting my nails! I read this in one sitting and didn’t want to put this down.

What can I say about the characters? The author vividly describes her dramatic and colorful characters as complex and complicated. There really isn’t any black or white, just grey areas. Does anyone tell the truth, or is the truth too much to believe and handle? The characters are flawed. Amy Impellizzeri mentions “The Riverside Law Club” which is in this small town, and where some of the action takes place. It’s unbelievable to imagine the corruption, betrayal and secrets.

Two of the protagonists, Ingrid and Opal have several things in common. One is their sons are the same age. Once they were friends, and now it really is hard to describe their relationship. When Opal is arrested as a suspect for Ingrid’s husband’s murder, Ingrid is asked by Opal to defend her. Neither can imagine the consequences. This is almost like a game of chess! This could easily be made into a movie!! I suggest that you read this!!

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