Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Sister Stardust” by Jane Green, Hanover Square Press, April, 2022, On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Sister Stardust” by Jane Green, Hanover Square Press, April, 2022

After reading “Sister Stardust” by Jane Green, I feel that I have been transported back in time to a musical era that I lived and loved. I still play many of the various artist’s songs from that era. I appreciate that Jane Green has written a novel that is based on a true story of the life of Talitha Getty. I was so intrigued and fascinated that I did look up Talitha Getty and her husband and did see pictures that were vividly described by the author in her story. The genres for this novel are Biographical Fiction, Biographical Historical Fiction, and Historical British Literature. This also is a Coming of Age novel.

Talitha was married to Paul Getty, and they lived mostly in Marrakesh in an extraordinary and exquisite palace with many gardens that was an entertainment haven for many of the musicians of the era. This was the era of “free love”, experimentation of life, music and art. A variety of drugs were available, and there were frequent parties with entertainment. The unique clothing and accessories were artistic statements as well.

Claire, a young woman has had one too many arguments with her stepmom, and leaves their home. She wants to be a salesgirl in London, and happens to meet someone that has contact with the various bands. Before she knows it, she is on her way to meet Talitha Getty with a variety of famous characters. What appears on the surface to be an incredible adventure for Claire, has dangerous consequences. I would highly recommend this memorable novel for other readers!

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