Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Privacy” by Nina Sasdowsky, Bantam Books, 2022 On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours


Oh My Goodness!! After reading Nina Sadowsky’s thriller, “Privacy” I am stunned and shocked by the thought-provoking conclusion. I never could have guessed in a million years what happened. I would highly recommend this tense and captivating novel to others. The genres for this novel are mystery, thriller, suspense and fiction. The timeline for this story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author vividly describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated, quirky, dysfunctional, and mysterious. There are dark secrets, betrayals, danger, threats and murder.

The protagonists of the story are Dr. Lana Landers, a therapist, and Cal Murray, an ambitious journalist, who is trying to make his mark on the world. The two meet at a crime scene, where one of the Doctor’s patients is. Cal is fascinated how Dr. Landers deals with the crisis and feels she herself is a story. Lana finds discussed in the media, and soon realizes that some of her patients have something in common.

Some one is watching. The “watcher” is carefully documenting Dr. Lander’s patients, her partner, and even Cal. Messages with “I am watching you” are left with intriguing and deplorable “gifts”. This almost reminds me of the television series “Person of Interest”. It also reminds me of when I was speaking on my house phone with a friend, that “Siri” on my I-phone was answering a question that I certainly wasn’t asking my cell phone. With that thought, I leave you with one comment, “You should read this book” Happy Reading!!!

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