Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews : “The Islanders Search for Treasure” by Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May, Aladdin, Simon Kids, 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May, the authors of “The Islanders SEARCH FOR TREASURE” have written an enlightening, captivating, and delightful novel for children of all ages, and adults as well. This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. As a teacher, I admit to loving this fictional story with so much thought-provoking information!

Jake Potter and his friends Macon and Lovie are at Dewees Island this summer with his grandmother. Jake and Macon are dealing with challenging events in their families. Jake’s father is adjusting to a prosthetic leg, after coming home wounded from Afghanistan, and Macon is dealing with a new baby in the house. The island provides a wonderful opportunity for adventure, exploring nature, and learning about the natural wildlife.

The three friends are given notebooks to use as journals by Jake’s grandmother to make notes of interesting things. The three friends study the history of the island and find that pirates, and lost ships landed on the island and there have been some coins discovered. They are now obsessed with finding treasure.

What exactly is treasure and what can treasure be worth? I love the way that the authors discuss the importance of family, friendship and kindness. Jake and his friends realize they have to be encouraging and kind to each other and other people as well as the animals and wildlife that inhabit the island. Also, I appreciate that the authors mention the difficulties with physical and emotional handicaps, and the importance of support and love. I would highly recommend this amazing book!

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