Day: July 12, 2022

Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Second Husband” by Kate White, Harper, June 28, 2022

Kate White, the author of “The Second Husband” has written an intense, action filled mystery and chilling thriller. The genres for this novel are Mystery and Suspense, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, and Fiction. The timeline for the story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events.

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Cover Reveal of “Danger Peak” by Michael Thomas Perone, Wheatmark, July 3, 2022

#Coming of Age, Action and Adventure, and 1980’s Linda Interviews Michael Thomas Perone 1. What was your motivation for becoming an author and writer? What did you do before you were a writer? Michael: Not to sound pretentious, but I don’t really believe people suddenly “decide” to be a writer. It’s like being an

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