Day: August 21, 2022

Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “A Limited Run” by Karen McQuestion, Nightsky Press, 2022

Karen McQuestion, the author of “A Limited Run” has written a unique and intriguing novel. The genres for the novel are Psychological Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Cozy Mystery, and Mystery and Suspense. The story is set in the present and goes back twenty five years. The author vividly describes the colorful and dramatic characters as complex,

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Secrets We Hide” by Patricia Sands, August 25, 2022

Patricia Sands, the author of “The Secrets We Hide” has beautifully written a poignant, memorable and thought-provoking novel. The author has vividly captured the spirit and soul of the characters, and has described the gorgeous aesthetics that make up the landscape and scenery for the story. The genres for this novel are Women’s Psychological Fiction,

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