Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “A Limited Run” by Karen McQuestion, Nightsky Press, 2022

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Karen McQuestion, the author of “A Limited Run” has written a unique and intriguing novel. The genres for the novel are Psychological Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Cozy Mystery, and Mystery and Suspense. The story is set in the present and goes back twenty five years. The author vividly describes the colorful and dramatic characters as complex, complicated, and quirky. The five characters worked together in a TV show called “A Little Slice of Haven”, which took place in a town called Haven. A billionaire, Felix Worthington seems to be obsessed with getting all 5 characters together again in the present in “Haven”, on property that he purchased. Each character is offered two million dollars for ten days to play in character and follow certain rules.

A few of the characters are hesitant to go back to play the characters in the past. All of the characters do return. Each day the cast in the “family” gets individual instructions where to go. The original Grandma from the family and her dog are automated “copies” that seem very realistic, and are on the porch. There are hidden cameras all over, and the town is more realistic than twenty five years ago.

Most of the characters look at this as an opportunity to get Two Million Dollars for ten days work. Can anything go wrong? No one has really questioned the rational or reason for doing this. There is no written script, other than where the characters should go. Another cast member, who isn’t one of the original five, sneaks a warning note to one of the characters. There is a feeling of foreboding and impending danger. Some of the characters find themselves in disturbing and uncomfortable situations.

I found certain parts suspenseful, and there were twists and turns. I would highly recommend this entertaining novel to others.

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