Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Best Years of Your Life” by Jen Craven, August 29, 2022, Fine Dea Press, On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Jen Craven, the author of “Best Years of Your Life” has written a captivating, intriguing, and memorable novel. The genres for this book Women’s New Adult and College Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Coming of Age, and Domestic Fiction with a dash of Suspense and Mystery. The author describes her dramatic characters as complicated and complex.The main protagonists are three women that are in the same family. Joss and Christine, married, are Professors in a college, and their daughter Abbie is entering that college.

This is a novel that shows how making bad choices and behaviors chosen can affect the consequences in life. I appreciate that the author discusses important topics such as same sex marriage, Alzheimers and Dementia, cheating, betrayals, honesty, biologic parentage, being accepted, and coming of age. The author also mentions the importance of family, friendships, integrity and honesty, communication, self-worth, forgiveness. second chances, and love.

When Joss forgets important events and leaves her phone in the microwave oven, Christine and Abbie become concerned. Joss has been involved in a project and has become more absorbed in it. Christine is both disappointed and angry at Joss’ indifference and becomes more involved in school. To finally achieve tenure, Christine is told that she needs the student’s approval. Christine finds herself pushing the line of what is appropriate. Abbie wants to be popular, and wants friends, but what will she do to have that? This is an exceptional book that I highly recommend.

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