Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “California Sister” by Gloria Mattioni, Atmosphere Press, September 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Gloria Mattioni, the author of “California Sister” has written an emotional, thought-provoking and memorable novel. The Genres for this book are Sisters Fiction, Family Life Fiction, and Contemporary Literature and Fiction. The author describes the characters as complex and complicated. I appreciate that the author discusses important topics such as Death with Dignity, the importance of family, friends, pets, love and hope. Gloria Mattioni also describes the importance of writing, communication, music, and art.

Claire and Ondina are two sisters brought up in a dysfunctional family. When the girls are young, they make a promise to each other. Claire moves to California and is an author writing mystery novels. Ondina lives in Italy, and has a special group of friends. Ondina liked to write songs. Distance made getting together more difficult.

When Ondina collapses, and is put in a medically induced coma, Claire goes to Italy to make important decisions. The doctors inform Claire that Ondina’s medical prognosis is not promising. Claire is determined and believes in her heart that Ondina is strong and will overcome obstacles.

Told through Claire’s voice and Ondina’s thoughts, the reader is able to see the love and emotional distress that this is causing. Claire will always remember the promises two young sisters make to one another. Is love enough to make the right choice? I would highly recommend this poignant and heartbreaking novel.

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