Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Hidden Pieces” by Mary Keliikoa, Level Best Books, October 25, 2022. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Mary Keliikoa, the author of “Hidden Pieces” has written a complex, complicated and intense novel. The genres for this novel are Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction. The author vividly describes her dramatic characters as flawed, broken, and perplexing. Some of the characters could be suspect. There are betrayals, dangers, threats, kidnapping and murder. This is a novel with twists and turns,

Sheriff Jax Turner is in a very dark place, as he contemplates his own suicide. His young daughter died from cancer. His marriage is ruined and he is divorced. All he can think of is the failures of his live, when a call interrupts his negative thoughts. When he receives news of a 14 year old girl that goes missing, it reminds him of a case from 25 years earlier. The killer was never identified, and the Sheriff realizes that the young girl is in danger, and time is running out.

As the Sheriff deals with many of the characters, he discovers drugs, and an illegal trafficking problem. How will he find the missing girl and get her home. What are the motivations that have the killer return? Another problem is, who is the killer? I highly recommend that you read this novel to find out. Sometimes, you have to be able to put all the pieces together.

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