Alyson Richman and Shaunna J. Edwards, the Authors of “The Thread Collectors” Visit the South Huntington Public Library .

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Alyson Richman and Shaunna J. Edwards visited the South Huntington Public Library , today, Sunday, October 16, 2022. There was a significant audience that attended and participated in asking the authors questions.

Both authors have amazing chemistry, and are good friends as well as collaborators. Taking turns, both Alyson and Shaunna mentioned that they met thirteen years ago in Las Vegas. The two bonded over the discussion of books, and have had a special relationship. Each one seems to complement the other so nicely.

Both authors used their families for some inspiration. Alyson mentioned 2 family members that fought on opposite sides of the Civil War, and Shaunna told us that the women in her family were instrumental in describing the characters. Both authors researched the period of the Civil War, and many of the battles and places were new sources of information for them as well. Both authors also went to visit some of the places mentioned in the novel.

The authors were asked if they would work together on another book, and they are hopeful!! I am excited as well.
The authors also mentioned the importance of music and art as communication. This was so entertaining, and informative. People were discussing the books as they were leaving the room for refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.

The authors signed books and also spoke with many of the people.

Here is a very rare picture of me with both Alyson and Shaunna. I highly recommend that you read “The Thread Collectors”. This is one of my favorite books this year. It was wonderful seeing Alyson Richman again, and a pleasure to meet Shaunna J. Edwards.

Written and photos by Lindas Book Obsession, Linda

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