Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Code Name Sapphire” by Pam Jenoff, Park Row Books, February 2023

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Bravo to Pam Jenoff, the author of “Code Name Sapphire” for writing such a powerful, memorable, heartfelt, and thought-provoking novel. Pam Jenoff, is a master writer, storyteller, and researcher, who vividly describes her characters, events, and landscape during World War Two. In “Code Name Sapphire”, Pam Jenoff describes the brutality, tragedies, and horrors of life and death. The author discusses espionage, betrayal, the importance of the resistance, as well as the necessity and importance to survive.

The author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated. Some are courageous, and some will do anything to survive. There is an obvious contrast between good and evil. The men and women in the resistance risk their lives and others. After a tragic loss, Hannah escapes Nazi Germany and finally finds refuge with her cousin Lily in Brussels. Hannah is used to underground work and resumes it with the “Sapphire Line”, which is a secret resistant network, that is run by a mysterious woman.

Hannah does what she has to do, but after a terrible mistake, Lily and her family are deported to Auschwitz. Hannah has to find the courage to make the correct decisions. I devoured this power-packed, thought-provoking novel, and I would highly recommend this memorable and heartbreaking book to others. I appreciate that Pam Jenoff shows the importance of sisterhood, courage, family, love and hope.

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