Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Women Like Us A Memoir” by Amanda Browse, Amazon, September 2022, On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Amanda Prowse, the author of “Women Like Us, A Memoir” has written an honest and heartfelt story. I appreciate that the author shares her most intimate and revealing memories of her challenging life. Many women will be able to relate to many of the topics that are discussed.

The author describes her love of family, and her hopes of being a writer. As a young girl in school, her dreams are almost crushed when a teacher asked what the children want to be. Amanda explained her dream was to become a writer, and the teacher laughed, and stated “I hope you have a Plan B”. This resonates personally for me, as a teacher who has tried to encourage many students over the years to do their best in the most positive of ways. Needless to say, Amanda Prowse, didn’t need a Plan B, since she is a successful writer.

The author has battled many health concerns with courage. Also, the author describes her disappointments, and how she reflects and learns from them. Amanda Browse also mentions how society portrays how women should look. After some attempts at “following” what is expected, the author does do what is best for her. As the author ages, she mentions the pressures that are placed on women to look younger. The author uses wit to describe how she spent hours getting extensions of human hair. When she and her husband started to think who the hair had belonged to, she spent hours having them removed.

The author describes her battle with obesity, and how she had to deal with it in her way. I love that the author describes her love of family and how she views success. I would highly recommend this inspiring and thought-provoking memoir.

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