Linda’s Book Obsession Interviews Jessica Gold, Author of “PERCEPTIONS & SECRETS”

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An Interview With Jessica Gold and Linda’s Book Obsession

1.  What was your motivation for becoming an author and writer? 

Jessica Gold:

In second grade my teacher told me that I would be an “author one day.” I grew up with a mother who was a writer for a newspaper, and I loved the journalism world. I love the excitement of writing.

2.What did you do before you were a writer?

Jessica Gold:

I was an educator for an art museum and in the educational world for 28 rewarding years.

2. What motivated or inspired you to write?

Jessica Gold:

Writing is like breathing to me. I have to do it to feel alive. I am inspired by the everyday. I love the newness of each day and the opportunity to always learn.

3.  How did you go about researching for your book?

Jessica Gold:

Pure imagination combined with settings that I adore, both Manhattan and the Hamptons. Both offer richness, and an exciting energy.

5. What are your hobbies or things you do in your downtime?

Jessica Gold:

I enjoy spending time with my children and husband walking on the beach, window shopping, eating a good Italian meal. I love to just write in my downtime.

6. What can you tell us of any new writing projects you might have?

Jessica Gold:

I have written four  screenplays, and I am working on getting them out there. I want to convert one of my screenplays into a novel. It makes me laugh reading it, and I hope that it makes others too! It’s a comedy.

7. What are your favorite genres of books that you like to read?

Jessica Gold:

I enjoy a good fiction book that I can dive into. I love getting lost in a good, rich plot.

8.    What advice can you give to someone that wants to be a writer?

Jessica Gold:

Take a chance, invest in some workshops, join library writing groups and let your creativity take you on the writing path. Enjoy every moment of seeing your words come to life.

9. If your book were adapted to the screen, what actors, and actresses could you envision for the main characters.

Jessica Gold:

I would love to give some new young people a chance to shine. The roles would be fun for them and I bet that they would enjoy the plot and portrayals. I mean, I adore Matthew McConaughey, If he wants to be part of it, I wouldn’t mind..haha!!

Jessica Gold:

Thank you!!

Linda from Linda’s Book Obsession, Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer some questions for us!

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