Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Direction of the Wind” by Mansi Shah, Lake Union Publishing, January 2023 (Amazon First Reads) On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Mansi Shah, the author of ” The Direction of the Wind” has written an intriguing, heart-felt, captivating and memorable novel. The genres for this book are Historical Fiction, Fiction, Coming of Age, and Friendship and Family Fiction. The Timeline takes place between two generations, of mother and daughter. The story is set in several continents. The author vividly describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated. The author weaves a wonderful story, and is a great storyteller.

When Sophie’s father passes away in India, she discovers that the mother she thought was deceased was alive, and had left home, when Sophie was a young child. Despite the traditional Indian traditions, Sophie is determined to locate her mother, Nita.

Nita had left her husband and daughter to pursue an art career in France. Nita had a beautiful home, and family in India, but felt the need to be free. Nita’s visit to Paris is everything and nothing that she thought it would be.

Sophie goes to Paris, and meets some of the people that knew her mother. As she searches for other clues, She ruminates that she was lied to her entire life.

I appreciate that the author discusses important topics such as mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, the importance of friends and family, hope and love. I would highly recommend this emotional, heartbreaking and thought-provoking novel to others.

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