Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “What’s Not Lost” by Valerie Tayler, Aspetuck Publishing, February 2023, On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Valerie Taylor, the author of “What’s Not Lost” has written an intriguing and entertaining novel. This is the third and last novel of a trilogy, and I do advise that you read the other two books to understand what is going on. I love that the prologue is told from the view of the family cat. What else can you expect from an animal lover? In this novel, there is the discussion of a modern or dysfunctional or quirky family. You really need a score-card to determine who is the step-mother, step-son, fiancee,etc, since the roles seem to change. This novel would be a great screen-play for a soap opera, or television series.

The timeline for this story is written in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes the characters as complex, complicated and quirky. There are betrayals, manipulations, greed, twists and many surprises. Most of the same characters from the other two novels are present in this story. One of the protagonists, Kassie, has just buried her husband, and is now engaged to Christopher. Kassie is quite successful in business, and is headed to Paris to handle mergers. She has also inherited her deceased husbands successful business.

Christopher and Kassie are now engaged, and an unexpected visitor and surprise will certain be a challenge to their plans. Will Kassie get her happily ever after? I highly recommend this diverting novel.

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