Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Good Time Girls” by K.T. Blakemore, Sycamore Creek Press, April 2023. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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K.T. Blakeman, the author of ‘The Good Time Girls,” has written a captivating and adventurous novel. ” The Good Time Girls” is a novel of true grit, wit, and friendship, sisterhood, during the wild west in 1905. The genres for this book are Westerns, Fiction, and Historical Fiction. The author describes her colorful characters as complex, complicated, flawed, gutsy, wild, and resourceful. There are betrayals, con artists, danger, and death. The author vividly describes the wild west, dance halls, outlaws, and the law.

Ex-dancer and outlaw Ruby Calhoun is now trying to sell cigars legitimately. A blast from the past arrives in the form of Pip, a former friend and dancer, that tells her that Cullin Wilder, an enemy of both, has sent a special card that tells Pip she is as good as dead. The girls decide that Cullin has to be killed before they are. They take off on a journey to warn another friend and take care of business.

The author alternates chapters between the present and the past. Pip and Ruby realize that Cullin has paid people to get them, and the law is also looking for them. The girls face grave danger and betrayal. It is difficult to know who is on their side. This is a fun read, especially for those who enjoy Westerns with a twist.

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