Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Wise Women” by Gina Sorell, Harper Perennial, April 5, 2023. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Gina Sorell, the author of “The Wise Women,” has written a captivating and entertaining novel. The genres for this novel are Women’s Fiction, Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Chick-Lit. There is also a dash of humor. The story occurs in the present and goes to the past regarding the characters or events. The author describes her colorful characters as complex, complicated, and flawed. This story concerns dysfunctional family relationships, honesty, communication, sisterhood, mother-daughter relationships, and significant other relationships, love, and hope.

Wendy Wise is a recognized columnist who advises other women but is regretfully unaware of what has happened in her two adult daughters’ lives. Her advice is outdated and old school. Wendy’s younger daughter, Clementine, has followed some of her advice and is in trouble. Clementine is told that the house she thought she owned is rented. Her husband had used it for a business scheme, leaving her and her young son needing a home. Clementine’s older sister Barb lent her the money to purchase the house.

Barb has helped care for Clementine when Wendy was busy with her career. Clementine turns to Barb for emotional support again. Barb has many responsibilities and has relationship concerns with her partner. Wendy has been withholding some important information from her daughters. Although Wendy has some secrets, she feels her daughters need her and plans to visit them.

Wendy is determined to fix everyone’s problems. All three women have to deal with the past before they can live in the present. The author has written this wonderful story with compassion and wit. I highly recommend this novel.

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