Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Love, Betrayal, Murder” by Adam Mitzner, Blackstone Publishing, May 16, 2023, Get Red PR

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Adam Mitzner, the author of “Love, Betrayal, Murder,” has written an intense, edgy, and suspenseful novel. The genres for this book are Thriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, and Legal Thriller. The title of this book is just perfect to describe the events and characters. This takes place around the time of the “Me-Too” Movement in New York and goes to the past regarding the characters and events. I read this in one sitting, and be warned that this story’s ending is not what I expected!

There are 3 parts to this story, just as the title states. The author vividly describes his characters as complex, complicated, and flawed. There are twists and turns, lies, betrayals, and excitement. Vanessa Lyons is a married lawyer with a young daughter who loves Matt Brooks, an attorney. They are both at the same upscale firm, where knowing they are having an affair would be frowned upon. They are both in love. Is it true that love can conquer the world?

Matt has made being a partner, and Vanessa is supposed to make being a partner the following year. Unfortunately, Vanessa doesn’t make a partnership and blames Matt. Vanessa’s husband pushes her to sue the law firm. Vanessa has been the primary breadwinner, allowing her husband to live lavishly. After the court case has been resolved, there is a murder. Will the murderer be brought to justice?

The author writes with wit and knowledge about lawyers and the legal system. I highly recommend this thought-provoking story.

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