Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Spectacular” by Fiona Davis, Dutton, June 13, 2023, Kathleen Carter Communications


Wow!, Fiona Davis, the author of “The Spectacular, for writing such a captivating, riveting, and intriguing novel. The genres for this book are Historical Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery and Adult Fiction. I am a fan of Fiona Davis and I read and loved all of her books and I highly recommend this memorable and thought-provoking novel.

Fiona Davis takes us back to the 1950's to Radio City Music Hall, where we view what it takes to be a Rockette. I have always been in awe of how these amazing women dance in synch, and make it look so effortless, when it takes so much hard work. I can remember the breath-taking decorations, and their gorgeous costumes. The author also mentions that during a long time period there was a "Big Apple Bomber" that set off bombs in popular New York popular places.

Fiona Davis is an accomplished author and master storyteller that vividly describes the events, the settings, and the dramatic and colorful characters. The characters are complicated, complex, and conflicted. Some of the characters are flawed. The author show us how women are not treated equally to men, and that there are different expectations for women and men to succeed. I was fascinated to learn that a crime profiler was used to search for the identity for the bomber.

The story’s female protagonist, Marion Brooks, has always wanted to be a dancer and auditions and gets a Rockette position. Her father and boyfriend feel that this is not an appropriate position for a young woman. There are secrets in Marion’s family. Marion is forced to move out of her home. She meets a young psychiatrist,who can profile patients. When there is a bombing at Radio City Music Hall, the two search for a way to find the bomber

The author has done research and also discusses the importance of taking a stand and living life the way that you want to. She also mentions the importance of equality, communication, family and friends.

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