Review of ” I Liked My Life” by Abby Fabiaschi

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Kudos to Abby Fabiaschi for writing “I Liked My Life”! What an unorthodox and unusual concept for the plot! The genre of this book is fiction, with a touch of telepathy. Would you ever think of looking for a replacement spouse and mother for your child in case of your death? After Maddy (the mother ) jumps off a building to her death, her most important task is to find a replacement spouse and mother. Her teenage daughter can be rebellious and moody, and her husband is a workaholic that seems self-absorbed. This is no easy task. It seems that Maddy is able through telepathy to suggest thoughts to both her husband and daughter, who are grieving. Both husband and daughter are trying to understand why Maddy took her life, and blame themselves.
The premise of this book should be very dark, but it really isn’t. I appreciated the way the author described their situations and adventures. I find that the author writes about family, death, understanding, forgiving, hope and living. I would highly recommend this book.

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