Review of “THE ROANOKE GIRLS” by Amy Engel

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“The Roanoke Girls” by Amy Engel

Reviewer: Linda Zagon


I would like to thank LibraryThing and Crown and Random House LLC for an Advanced Reading Edition of “The Roanoke Girls” by Amy Engel, in exchange for my honest review.

The genres of this novel are fiction and mystery.

I find that the author, Amy Engel has introduced us to an extremely dysfunctional and troubling family, with shocking secrets.

Lane Roanoke goes to live with her grandparents and her cousin Allegra, after her mother commits suicide. The Roanokes are wealthy and established in Kansas. From the moment she steps into the house, she has a strange feeling. Lane runs and leaves after the summer.

On the back cover, the blurb states,”ROANOKE GIRLS NEVER LAST LONG AROUND HERE, IN THE END, WE


Lane has established a life, and is now divorced when she gets a call from her grandfather telling her that cousin Allegra has been missing. Lane knows that Allegra loves living in the Roanoke House, and never wanted to leave.

With a heavy heart, Lane returns to Kansas to help find Allegra.

Some of the characters are not likeable, and even the likeable characters can be difficult. The characters are flawed, complex and mysterious. It is easy to see how some characters are suspect and suspicious. All have secrets. Where is Allegra? What has happened to Allegra?

Amy Engel writes about family, hate, jealousy, insecurity, revenge, friends, trust, love and hope.

I enjoyed this dark and twisted story and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a different kind of mystery.

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