My Review of “Unstrung” by Laura Spinella

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Montlake Romance, and Laura Spinella for the ARC of “Unstrung” by Laura Spinella for my honest review. The genres of “Unstrung” are General Fiction(Adult) and Romance.
I find that the author’s vivid and colorful descriptions of her complex and complicated characters are amazing.
I found myself wanting to scream at some of the characters for their decisions. I actually despised and hated some of the characters, and I was cheering for some. I I guess I got emotionally involved in this fictional story.
The story opens with Olivia Klein, and her attorney facing a judge for charges against Olivia for destroying her husband’s Porsche with a bat. To add insult to injury, Olivia profoundly tells the judge where he should go. Olivia is a famous Violinist with a chair in the symphony orchestra. Despite the fact that Olivia was drunk and angry that her husband Rob made some investments that might cost the loss of the home that was in Olivia’s family for years, the judge sentences her to a night in jail and one hundred hours of community service. Olivia for her own personal reasons offers to do community service with a Music teacher in one of the worst schools in the area. Olivia’s mother is furious at Olivia and reminds her that she always has been rebellious. Her mother warns her that this will be the second marriage that will be ruined. Olivia had a very short lived marriage when she was young that at the time was a bad decision. Olivia is a very insecure woman who feels imperfect and “unstrung”, and her Mother lives to remind her of this.
Rob, her husband vacillates between being a bad guy at times to a supportive good guy.
Laura Spinella writes about honor, family, love, redemption, forgiving, second chances, and hope. The author also describes that no one is just good or bad, and that we should accept ourselves for who we are.
There are surprises, twists and turns in this story. I would highly recommend this as an entertaining and intriguing read.

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