My Review of “An Unexpected Afterlife” by Dan Sofer

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My Review of “An Unexpected Afterlife” by Dan Sofer

Review by Linda Zagon


I would like to thank author Dan Sofer for an ARC of “The Unexpected Afterlife” by Don Sofer for an honest review.

The genres of this book are Fiction, Adventure, and Satire.

I find that the author has written a unique intriguing, and entertaining story.

I really like the way Dan Sofer describes his flawed characters who also seem complex and complicated.

The story opens at Mount of Olives Cemetery where Moshe Karlin awakes stark naked. Moshe is confused and makes his way home to find his wife and friend/business partner in bed. Avi his friend informs Moshe he has been dead for two years. His wife is screaming as if she has seen a ghost.

With no place to go Moshe finds Rabbi Yosef to understand what is going on. Rabbi Yosef had buried Moshe and now questions if this is indeed the” Resurrection of signs of a World to Come, a Spirit world after death.”

One can see the satire and humor when a Prophet is sent to spread the word, but tries to make a dramatic entrance to the cemetery and has an accident that sends him to the hospital.

The only thing that Moshe wants is his family back. It seems his friend Avi is planning to marry Moshes’ wife, and has destroyed his business.

Moshe’s second life isn’t going as easily as he thought it would. Moshe soon finds out that there are other characters who also have come back from the dead and have troubles adjusting.

In this second chance at life, there are many dangers. There is a Russian Mob, and Bureaucratic problems, the Great Council of Rabbi’s Decisions and more. Some of the families don’t want their newly alive relatives back.

I love the way that Dan Sofer describes the individuals, family, community, Jewish traditions, friends and hope. I also enjoyed the satire of their adventures.

I would highly recommend this entertaining book and hope to read more in this series.

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