My Review of “Lola” by Melissa Scrivner Love


I would like to thank LibraryThing, Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House  for an  Advanced Reading Edition of “Lola” by Melissa Scrivner Love for my honest review.

The genres of this book are crime thriller and fiction.

Melissa Scrivner Love describes the characters as complex, complicated , weak and strong. The  Crenshaw  Six is a small gang in South Central LA. The gang looks out for the small neighborhood they run. The gang does sell drugs, but has rules about not selling to children or older people. At the beginning of this novel, it appears that Garcia is the leader of this gang. Garcia may have muscle and tattoos, but  we find out that his girlfriend Lola is the brains and brawn of the gang. Lola stays in the background until it is necessary for her to come out and show everyone that she is the leader.

Lola is extremely complicated. She rescued a pit ball, and babies him, and yet she is capable of cold blooded murder. Lola also takes a little girl away from an abusive situation. Lola has a certain moral fiber,in her world.Somehow she prioritizes who will be punished, who will live and ,who will die. When you read about Lola’s childhood, it is easier to understand some of her actions.

Somehow the gang becomes involved with bigger gangs and the escalating war  between drug cartels. The  District Attorney and Police become involved as well.  Lola is finding herself in a dangerous world, of betrayals,threats,torture,drugs, and death. There is plenty of adventure and action.

I found this intriguing book to be and exciting read and would recommend it!


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