My review of “A Justified Bitch” by H.G. McKinnis

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Imbrifex books for an ARC of “A Justified Bitch” by H.G. McKinnis for my honest review.
The genres of this book are Mystery and Thriller,Suspense, and General Adult Fiction.
H.G. McKinnis does an excellent job in describing the devastating effects of mental illness on a family.
The story starts when Helen Taylor, finds herself holding a finger and sitting near by her house, where a body has been found murdered next door. Helen lives in a delusional world with her cats and hoarding, and is very comfortable having conversations with her dead husband. When the police question her, she can’t explain what she saw. The police take her to jail as a material witness hoping to get information. Helen hasn’t showered and her hair is matted. While in jail, she becomes friends with two “jail mates” who own a beauty shop.
The police call Helen’s sister Pat(Cleo), and ask her to come and try to get Helen to disclose anything pertinent to the case. Helen has not spoken to Pat for over ten years. Pat arrives with her two teen aged boys. She has the key to Helen’s house, and when she opens the door she is horrified to see the hoarding conditions that Helen and her cats have been living in. Helen has a place where she goes and sells some of the things that she hoards.
Pat goes to buy clothes for her sister and get her out of jail. When she arrives at the jail house, a detective convinces Pat to bring her sister to meet with a Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist convinces Pat that Helen should stay for at least six weeks and be on medication and counselling .
Pat and her two sons are staying at a hotel, and finds that her sons are finding ways to get into trouble. Pat is also trying to get Helen’s house in order.
Helen finds a way to go AWOL, to get back to her job. While Helen is away from the health center there is another dead body found.
The author describes dsyfunctional, complex and complicated characters. Some of the teenage adventures are funny. The interactions with Pat and her sons is humorous at times.
Who is the killer? Is Helen involved? This is an intriguing, and enjoyable read with lots of action and adventure. I would recommend this entertaining book.

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